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Smoked Ribs

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Introducing for the first time ever in a Neighborhood, or Community near YOU: BBQ Delivery - WHAT?

That’s right folks, BBQ delivered to your Home, Work, or Business! Tired of Chinese, Pizza, Sandwiches Well now you have another OPTION - BBQ!

5 mile radius $20.00 Min. Order

 ($3.00 Delivery Charge counts toward $20.00 Min. for Order)

The stuffed jalapeno's are the bomb


               Dallas, TX

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Welcome to Smokey Jalapeno BBQ, where Tex meets Mex.

We bring the best flavors of Texas BBQ and combine it with the Tex Mex favorites, creating a flavor that can’t be beat.

Come on in and enjoy our delicious foods or call in an order to have delivered.

Having a Texas Hoedown, call us we so we can deliver our best to your gathering.

All of mouthwatering meats are smoked to perfection on site bringing you the freshest smoked delights in Lewisville.

The Legend of Smokey Jalapeno

There once was a rugged Texas Jalapeno Cowboy named Smokey who rode the cattle trails of the great southwest.  He loved the time he spent on the open praires and desert trails, punching cows and signing songs with his fellow cowboys, and he especially enjoyed his time around the campfire eating great Texas BBQ.  But as with everything in life Smokey grew bored of the same old routine and vittles, so he galloped out of camp one night on his trusty horse Smacho, in search of new adventures and flavors.  Smokey happened upon a group of Vaqueros singing, laughing and enjoying a food he had not seen before.  He was greeted by the welcoming Vaqueros and offered a variety of foods he had never experienced.  Nachos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Chalupas, and Burritos, with sauces, guacamole, and queso, oh my! Smokey sang and ate until the wee hours of the morning with his new amigos.  The next day Smokey knew he had to share his experience with the world and give everyone a chance to enjoy great Texas BBQ and his new found south of the border favorites.  So Smokey set out to find the perfect location to set up camp and serve his new favorites to the public.  He found that place, and the legend began in Lewisville, Texas.